Produce Season Causing Early Truck Shortages

Look closer at who’s driving on your highways and you will probably notice lots of trucks.

Flatbed trucks, to be more specific. They might be carrying your local fruits and vegetables and delivering spring gardening essentials like mulch and potting soil. Typically, we see the uptick in the number of trucks on the road around summer, but this year it’s happening much earlier. This unusual traffic has created challenging conditions for securing dedicated trucks for our shipments.

Why the phenomenon? It might be the milder winter but harvest season is already in full swing and there is an abundance of produce that needs to be shipped. In the shipping industry, transporting produce and perishable goods is more lucrative than hauling other commodities. Everyone wants in on the action and rates increase. The truckers go after the higher paying loads, which puts a strain on the trucks available for non-perishable freight.

You won’t notice any differences if your orders are small enough to fit into a van. For larger and heavier orders that require a flatbed truck, a small delay is to be expected. In some cases, we’ve seen 7-day pick-up times, with 4 to 5 days on average. The availability of trucks is spotty nationwide but the impact is most noticeable in the Midwestern states, as well as West Virginia and Virginia. We can’t predict which loads might be impacted next.

The good news is that the produce season usually eases up in late summer. By fall, things are back to normal and we can easily get a truck for your next-day and even same-day deliveries. Until then, rest assured Macon Hardwood is working around the clock to get orders out as fast as possible.