Jobsite and Estimation Tools

To get any job done well, you need the right tools. Whether you are on a jobsite or still in the process of putting together a customer quote, we have tools that can help you make profitable decisions.

Floor Calculator

Please enter all length and width numbers without any punctuation (this includes inch and foot marks). Fractions of inches should be rounded up to the next whole inch.

Length Width
Feet Inches
Feet Inches
Area 1
Total Square Feet
Waste Factor (5%)
Total Material Reqired

Estimating the job

On the jobsite you will need to evaluate interior and exterior conditions for average humidity levels, calculate measurements and other job specs, then tally up actual costs to build in your profit margins. A conversion formula cheat sheet and a tally sheet will help.

Macon Hardwood Conversion Formulas

Macon Hardwood Tally Sheet