Shipping & Delivery

At Macon Hardwood, we make it our priority to provide superior customer service during every step of the product selection, ordering and shipping process. As we like to say around here, “Call us for anything!”

On the rare occasion that you do encounter problems with the products you’ve ordered from us, we want to help you to be prepared to handle them. This protects both you and your company and enables us to resolve issues in an efficient manner.

If You’ve Received Damaged Goods

Despite our best efforts to ensure a smooth delivery, things can go wrong during the transit of your freight. Whether it’s a bumpy road, rough handling or improper loading by the carrier, goods may arrive damaged. This happens infrequently but it is best to err on the side of caution and follow these steps.

Upon arrival of the freight:

  1. Carefully inspect all parts of the shipment, including the packaging.
  2. If you see damage, document it. Note the type of damage and items affected on the bill of lading (BOL). Don’t sign the BOL until you have documented the damage.
  3. Take pictures of the damaged items.
  4. Call us at 478-405-2299 to notify us of the damaged goods and to file a claim.

Once we receive this information, Macon Hardwood will work on your behalf to obtain the BOL and any other documentation from the carrier and begin the claims process. We ask that our customers be patient during this time as claims can take two or more weeks to process.

If you choose to refuse the freight, we still advise you to note the damage on the BOL and take pictures. If damage is not documented, we may not be able to replace your order or refund the cost of the damaged product.