Types of Hardwood Flooring

Unfinished Solid

Unfinished hardwood flooring gives you the ultimate in customizing the look and feel of your floors. You can choose between naturally light-colored materials such as Maple, or the opposite – naturally dark wood such as Walnut or Ipe (Wenge). Whatever species you select, you can always manipulate the color of the material with a stain, sheen, or texture of your choice, and not only for indoor flooring. It’s also a great choice for customized outdoor spaces, from floating decks to entertaining areas. Unfinished hardwood boasts a wider range of widths than prefinished products. We also offer custom lengths (long lengths) and custom widths to order.

Prefinished Solid

Prefinished hardwood is a superb option for remodeling when you are living in your home. Installation typically requires a day to remove the existing flooring and a day to install the new hardwood flooring. After installation, there is no waiting time, so you can walk on your new floors and enjoythem immediately. Prefinished hardwood flooring has a multi-coat, thicker mill finish compared to an on-site finish. This finish is usually aluminum oxide, which resists scratches and wear patterns over time. Prefinished solid is also a fantastic choice for ceilings and accent walls and lends itself beautifully to endless ornamental flooring options, from intricate weaves and patterns to ornate inlay design styles.

Unfinished Engineered

While solid hardwood flooring has existed for centuries, engineered hardwood flooring is relatively new. It is very stable, can accommodate glue or nail installation, and is quite compatible with radiant heat systems (which are popular in cooler climates). All of Macon Hardwood’s unfinished engineered flooring is TSCA Title VI Compliance, and offers the benefit of versatility. Once installed, unfinished engineered planks can easily be customized with stains, as well as matte, satin, or gloss finishes. Engineered flooring has new thicker wear layers and is sandable, just like traditional solid floors. Homeowners still need to monitor humidity levels to keep veneers from checking or splitting.

Prefinished Engineered

Prefinished engineered flooring has all the benefits of prefinished solid, and then some. Along with the convenience of easier, quicker installation, prefinished engineered flooring is a cost-saver the majority of the time, and promises the added advantage of higher resistance to moisture damage. It’s an ideal choice for structures with concrete slab construction such as condominiums, and can be pre-cut for precise room fit. Prefinished engineered wood can also add unique character to interior flooring for boats, private aircraft, and studio spaces.

Solids vs. Engineered (by grade)

Do you know when to choose solid and when to choose engineered hardwood? The answer may change depending upon where in the structure it's being used. Use the graph below to determine when to use each type of hardwood.