Product Spotlight: Character Red Oak

Red oak is one of our most popular wood flooring choices, beloved for its versatility, durability and distinct look. We currently have a particularly great selection of prefinished and unfinished character red oak, with a variety of colors and widths offered at a competitive price. Take a look at what makes red oak such a great buy.


The pinkish and golden brown tones of the wood create a traditional look and rustic warmth. Our prefinished red oak comes in natural, gunstock, butterscotch, honey rose, and golden oak. Although most people appreciate the natural hue of the wood, red oak does stain well if a different color is preferred.


As the grade name implies, this flooring offers plenty of character. In addition to red oak’s signature swirling patterns and wavy grain, expect darker grain patterns, knots, wormholes, and other natural characteristics. If your project requires a cleaner appearance, consider red oak in choice grade, which shows fewer natural defects. See below for a comparison.

Red Oak Choice vs. Character
Red Oak Choice vs. Character


Red oak is ideal for high-traffic homes and versatile enough to work in a variety of interiors. Although it is not as hard as white oak, red oak does tend to hide dents and scratches better because of the variety of its grain patterns.

Lengths & Widths

Our prefinished red oak is offered in standard widths and lengths. If you are in the market for unfinished red oak, the selection is even more diverse. We offer unfinished red oak in long lengths (2 to 10 ft nested bundles of random lengths), standard widths that range from 2 ¼” to 8”, and up to 12” lengths for custom orders.

If you are in the market for something new or unexpected, we can help! We pride ourselves in finding hard-to-find, unique hardwood flooring for all of our customers. Whether it's skip face oak, prefinished hickory, or an exotic species, our vast network of mills and suppliers enables us to find the right flooring for your every project and budget.

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