Custom Treatment Options for Unfinished Flooring

Unfinished hardwood flooring is popular with our customers and we are often asked about adding custom touches to the orders. From hand-scraped boards to beveled edges, we offer a number of options for you to customize your unfinished hardwood flooring and give it an artistic and distressed appearance. As always, if you don’t see a custom option listed here, please give us a call!

Hit or Miss

In the earlier days when saw mills were less sophisticated, a saw would sometimes “skip” across boards, leaving swirl marks, or kerfs, on the surface of the wood. Today, you can achieve that same look with the hit-or-miss surface treatment, also referred to as skip planing. The swirl marks will vary in intensity but you can sand down the boards to your desired level of distress and roughness.

Pre-Drilled Holes for Wood Plugs

Another nod to yesteryear, pegged flooring is a decorative treatment option for those wanting to achieve an antique look. In the past, floors were fastened directly to the subfloor with wooden pegs, so distinct dark dots adorned the ends of a plank. Today, you can replicate this look by asking for holes to be pre-drilled in your unfinished planks. Wood plugs, typically available in contrasting walnut, can be shipped with your order.

Wire Brush

When the wood is wire brushed, the soft sapwood is removed, leaving just the hardwood exposed to the surface. This treatment option not only adds texture and interest to your floors, it makes them more durable and easier to maintain. This type of custom treatment is ideal for those wanting to achieve a time-worn look.

Hand Scraped

Hand-scraping boards yields a similar distressed appearance seen in the wire-brushing technique. Highly in demand, this look truly shows off the grain patterns and character of the wood while achieving the lived-on wear of older floors. This treatment option will add warmth and a rustic touch to any room.

Beveled Edges

Whether it’s micro-bevel or a full bevel, this treatment instantly gives dimension to any floor. Beveled edges are particularly desirable for rustic and country homes but they also work in modern and minimalist settings. Edges can be beveled to your tastes.