More Long-Length Wood Flooring Options Available Today

Just as wide planks continue to stay popular, longer boards are more sought after today than they’ve ever been before. Why this trend?

For one, short and wide boards can create a busy, choppy pattern that lacks sophistication. The wider the board, the nicer it looks in a longer length. This wide-and-long look is particularly desirable in higher-end homes with large rooms, entryways and hallways. Long boards provide continuity and clean visual lines with far fewer joints.

These days, we can source long-length plank for virtually all domestic species of wood. Think walnut, hickory, white oak, red oak and American cherry lengths starting at 12 feet with some species like pine as long as 16 feet.

Because wood is a natural product, it’s difficult to cut a board that’s clean and has a high grade. Thus, the average grade for the longest boards is rustic. We are able to source long planks graded Select but they may be on the lower end of the length range.

Although long boards are trickier to ship and are more expensive, the impact they make on a modern space can’t be beat. As the construction market continues to recover and more high-end homes are built, we’ll see continued demand for long-length flooring.