Product Focus: Southern Yellow Pine

Southern Yellow Pine
Southern Yellow Pine

Southern Yellow Pine can refer to any number of southern pine species, such as loblolly, pond pine, shortleaf pine, longleaf pine, and Virginia pine. The moniker refers to any pine in a group of three-needle pine species classified as yellow pine, as opposed to white pine.

These yellow pine species grow very well in the red clay soil found in the southeastern United States, and Southern Yellow Pine is used extensively in construction across the country.

Southern Yellow Pine has a heartwood that may be light yellow/orange to reddish brown in color, and sapwood that is light tan to yellowish white.

In the 19th century, Southern Yellow Pine was one of the most-used woods used in construction of everything from ship masts to warehouses to residential homes. Today it continues to be a popular flooring option, known for its golden color and durability.