Using Hardwood Flooring for Walls and Ceilings

A trend that’s been gaining traction over the years has people foregoing traditional wall and ceiling décor such as paint and wallpaper and turning instead to hardwood boards. Whether it’s shows like HGTV’s Fixer Upper and Tiny House that have popularized shiplap and v-groove paneling is up for debate but there is no doubt that hardwood interiors are attractive, practical and durable.


By transforming your walls and ceilings with wood paneling, you’ll bring the warmth of nature and its earthy tones into your home in a new way. For large homes, wood coverings add unity, so long as you keep the stain and finish consistent. Smaller interiors will benefit from accent walls that shine a spotlight on the home’s architecture. Accent walls can also help to make a smaller home appear larger. If you choose to add wood paneling to your ceiling, either match those boards to your floors or try using contrasting colors (e.g., walnut ceiling and white floors).

The creativity and comfort in choosing your own wooden planks as wall decor is unparalleled by conventional methods. Just as with hardwood flooring, ceiling and wall hardwood panels come in a variety of species and can be stained in whatever color you prefer. If you wish to add texture and visual interest, use handscraped or beaded wooden planks. You can also play with the layout: Attach the planks horizontally for a traditional look or place them horizontally or even diagonally to add drama to an otherwise consistent surface.

Durability and Function

Flooring planks are made to be durable enough to handle the wear and tear of many running feet and moving furniture legs, so it’s no surprise that the lifespan of hardwood panels is doubled or even tripled when put in a less trafficked area like a wall or ceiling. Thanks to its exceptional durability, scuff marks, scratches, stains, and other signs of wear that walls endure will be diminished or easier to take care of. If there’s spot damage, it’s simple to remove one or two planks and replace or repair them without disturbing the entire wall or ceiling.

Tongue and groove hardwood flooring boards can be easily installed directly over a variety of wall and ceiling materials, including drywall and plaster. These days, mills are also producing hardwood boards that are intended for walls and ceilings.

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