Our Coronavirus Commitment

COVID-19 makes it feel like everything has changed, but at Macon Hardwood our commitments have remained the same.

We have all gotten spoiled believing that we could manage any contingency. Over the years, supply chain management has taught us how to maximize efficiency, reduce cost, and serve our customers through lean inventories, geographically long supply chains, and relying on just-in-time deliveries. This has served us well, until we experienced a global pandemic.

COVID-19 makes it feel like everything has changed, but at Macon Hardwood our commitments have remained the same.

What has changed?

COVID-19 has cause widespread supply chain disruptions. The pandemic’s origins trace back to the beginning of 2020 overseas with shutdowns amplifying the typical challenge of international freight during the Chinese New Year. Domestically, supply chain disruptions began in March as shutdowns commenced, demand fluctuated wildly, and uncertainty impeded decision-making.

These factors have impacted the flooring industry as vendors struggle to balance the need to protect the health of their workforce and while remaining economically viable. The unprecedented nature of the pandemic led to an initial collapse in demand followed by surprisingly surging demand. Vendors have struggled to meet this demand, protect the health of their workforce while simultaneously fighting labor’s economic incentives to wait-it-out. This has led to increased cost, low to nonexistent inventory and delays.

The same challenges have affected freight carriers. Logistics built on efficiently managing minor fluctuations have been inadequate to counter local and global disruptions.

What has stayed the same?

Macon Hardwood is still passionate about serving our customers flooring needs. We still add value serving customers one on one, pay attention to detail, and customize solutions that meet individual needs. We still cultivate relationships with our vendors and develop our knowledge of flooring trends out of that singular desire to serve our customers.

How are we responding?

We believe that we are not left to the mercy of a virus. Everyday our team works together to identify and actively manage challenges. We partner with our vendors and freight carriers to understand and reduce disruptions and continually communicate the latest information to our customers. So, while conditions change, we are patient, resourceful, and optimistic that we can weather this storm remaining committed to serving and sharing our passion for flooring.